Squat On With Control

Front Handspring Off Block (Spotted)

Standing Dive Roll

Dive Roll To Raised Surface

Uneven Bars

Glide Swing

Kick Over To Support (Medium Bar)

Back Hip Circle

Jump To Sole Circle Dismount (Spotted)

5 Second Chin Hold

5 Tuck-Ups

5 Second “L” Hang

5 Push-Ups

Balance Beam

Split Handstand

Relevé Walks (All)

Squat Turn

Split & Tuck Jumps

Flat To Relevé With Arms

Piqué Rocks

Cartwheel Against Wall



Wall Walk Handstand Roll Out

Backward Roll

Back Bend Onto Mat

Bridge Kick Over Off Raised Surface

Cartwheels (Both)

Roundoff Off Raised Surface

Press Headstand


Trampoline Safety

Basic Jump Combinations

Swivel Hips With Extra Bounce

Seat / Table / Stomach / Feet

Standing Back Drop


Chassé (All)

Step Leap To Scale

1/2 Turn

Basic Jumps