Springboard Bounce To Finish

Kneeling Squat On


Forward Roll Dismount – Bar Hip Height (Spotted)

Hanging Spider / Spider Hanging Straddle

Leg Swing Cast

Peek-A-Boo Chin-Ups

Tuck Hang

Swing Over Block



Cat Crawl

Forward Walking

Sideways Walking

One Leg Balance

Dip Walks

Step Off Beam To Stuck Landing


Pencil Roll Down Ramp

Spotted Forward Roll Down Ramp

Backwards Roll Candlestick

Modified Handstand

Side Steps & Hops (Cartwheel Drill)


Trampoline Safety

Only 1 person can jump at a time. No jumping in the pit (if downstairs). Stay in the middle of the tramp. Don’t put arms backwards if falling.

Safety Stop (Freeze Position)

Jump With Both Feet

Positions & Locomotor

Arm & Hand Positions

Stick & Finish

Basic Shapes

Locomotor Animal Walks

Cat Crawl

Bear Walk

Flamingo Balance