Strength & Obstacles

Cargo Net Climb

Rock Wall Traverse

Hanging Bar Shuffle

Handstand Wall Shuffle

3-3-3 Strength

3 Sit-Ups
3 Push-Ups
3 Second Chin Hold

Movement & Flow

Precision Jump


Plyo Jumps

Climb Up Block (Various Down)

Climb Up… Sit Down
Climb Up… Climb Down
Climb Up… Dash Down

Tic Tac

Tic-Tac Left
Tic-Tac Right

Wall Step

Wall Pop

Wall Splat

Agility & Coordination

Locomotor Level 1

Coming Soon

Agility Ladder Level 1

Hurdles Level 1

Balance Level 1

Coming Soon


Safety Stop (Freeze)

Jumping With Control

Basic Jumps

Seat Drop

Table Drop


Forward Roll

Backward Roll Down Hill

Split Leg Handstand

Cartwheel Over Mat

Springboard Hit To Landing (Various Jumps)

Straight Jump
Tuck Jump