Strength & Obstacles

Knotted Rope Climb

This is the ability to climb a single climbing rope with knots in it.

Sea Of Rings Traverse

Monkey Bars

Handstand Wall Shuffle (Stairs)

5-5-5 Strength

5 Second Bent Arm Hang

5 Crunches

5 Push-Ups

Movement & Flow

Jump To Bar & Hang

Bent Leg Tap Swings (Spotted)

Kong Up

Speed Step

Reverse Step

Lazy Vault

Wall Step To Hang

Tic Tac To Precision

Right Side

Left Side

Quad Step (Various)

Triple Step

Jump To Cat

Single Step

Agility & Coordination

Agility Ladder Level 2

Coming soon!

Hurdles Level 2

Coming soon!

Cones Level 2

Coming soon!

Balance Level 2

Coming soon!

Locomotor Level 2

Coming soon!


Safety Stop (Freeze)

Basic Jump Combinations

Swivel Hips With Extra Bounce

Seat / Table / Stomach / Feet

Standing Back Drop



Wall Walk Handstand Roll Out

Safety Rolls

Forward (Right & Left Side)

Backward (Right & Left Side)


Standing Dive Roll

Dive Roll To Raised Surface

Back Waterfall