Front Handspring Over Block (Spotted)

Roundoff Over Block

Squat Over Block (No Board)

Dive Roll Onto 8″ Mat

Front Salto To Back Onto Pit Mat

Uneven Bars

Triple Glide Swing

Jump To Bar & Catch (Spotted)

Bent Leg Tap Swings (Spotted)

Cast To Shooting Star Dismount

Back Hip Circle (No Cast)

Block Squat On

7 Second Chin Hold

7 Tuck-Ups

7 Second “L” Hang

7 Push-Ups

Balance Beam

Cartwheel (Low Beam)

Leap To Scale

Handstand Heel Click

1/2 Turn

Roundoff Dismount


Handstands (All)

Power Hurdle Roundoff

Back Handspring (Spotted / Barrel)

Backbend Kickover

Back Extension Roll To Lunge

Press Handstand Off Mat (Spotted)


Trampoline Safety

Swivel Hips

Back Drop Pull Over To Feet

Seat / Table / Forward To Back / Feet

Standing Stomach Drop With 4″ Mat


Full Turn

Step Leap To Scale

Switch To Scale

Needle Kick

Advanced Jumps